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The Jewish Report is a free monthly Jewish community newspaper that is circulated in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia through over 150 distributions outlets, including shules, schools, retail stores and other community organisations.

Its aim is to act as a portal for the sharing of news and ideas, broadcasting events, community initiatives and keeping the community informed.

Our strategy is to get individuals to actively engage in community issues and to share ideas. This, in turn, we believe, will foster a sense of belonging, a willingness to support our institutions and a pride in our community.

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Stacey Potash
Sophie Berman

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Its aim is to act as a
portal for the sharing
of news and ideas,
the broadcasting of
events and community
initiatives, and for
keeping the community

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The Kashrut Authority has been delighted to work in partnership with the dedicated team at the Sydney Jewish Report since its inception. We love sharing all the latest KA kosher news and information with its thousands of readers and believe the goals of strengthening and uniting the community are being realised within the pages of this quality positive monthly publication.

Mr. Baron Revelman
President of the KA

The Sydney Jewish Report is by the community, for the community and yet it always reveals something that we didn’t know about our own community, literally putting us on on the same page. It has been one of the most wonderful initiatives and through every edition the readership and contributions continue to grow.

Rabbi Benji Levy
Dean of Jewish Life & Learning Moriah College

With news from all over the world being so confronting I enjoy reading the Sydney Jewish Report it is upbeat and filled with positive stories, and beautifully presented.

Rabbi Dr. Dovid Slavin
Our Big Kitchen

Oftentimes as a Jew, and as a Jew in Sydney especially, I feel disconnected from the Jewish community here. There are various reasons I feel this way personally but ultimately I do love the community and being Jewish. The point is that I do feel disconnected on the whole and furthermore know of many people my age in their late twenties and thirties who feel the same way. So any initiative like your paper that tries to elicit that sense of Community, or as your papers’ motto says, attempts to foster “a closer Jewish community”, is a wonderful initiative and should be applauded. Thank you!

Dean Kaplan
Reader and Contributor

The Sydney Jewish Report has been a wonderful addition to the Sydney landscape .. it’s really an exciting event now as each new issue arrives .. I know my Shabbos is going to be chock full of excellent reading that week!!

Helen Meyer
Avid Reader

The SJR is a fantastic publication which focuses on many relevant community aspects. From community, to business to lifestyle it covers a broad range of topics which I find most interesting

Jodi Gelbart
Reader and contributor

“The Sydney Jewish Report is a relatively new and important paper for the Jewish community and deserves wide ranging support.

David Kary
Reader and contributor

I like the fact that this is truly a community newspaper. SJR while respectfully giving us the news, does not look to fill its pages with political tussles and items which help stir the pot of anger and resentment in Sydney, but rather focuses on the positive contributions that organisations and individuals make within our community. Go SJR!

Sandy Matrai

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