Article Submission Guidelines

In order to streamline the submission process and ensure all submissions are print ready for the newspaper, please could you adhere to the guidelines laid out below. Articles not conforming to this format will unfortunately not be eligible for inclusion. Please take care to also read the terms and conditions presented.

Article size
Articles to be a maximum of 500 words (except for lead article). If you would like to submit a lead article, please contact the editor beforehand. Lead articles to be between 700-800 words.

Photos & images
Maximum 5 photos per article.
Each image to be a separate file.
File format: jpg.
Size: at least 1MB, but no more than 2MB.

Article Q&A
Please ensure information is accurate as TJR will not be liable for factual errors. Article contributors are responsible for accuracy of information included in articles.
Please ensure your articles have been proof read before submission to minimise spelling and grammatical errors.
Articles may be edited for clarity at TJR’s discretion.

Article selection by The Jewish Report (“TJR”)
The editor has full discretion as to whether to publish articles submitted. Articles which the editor feels are against the ethos of the TJR will not be published. TJR is supportive of all Jewish community organisations regardless of their religious or political affiliation.
We believe these organisations form the foundation of a strong, functioning, cohesive and dynamic Jewish community. However, due to space constraints within each issue, some submissions may not be included. TJR will select articles based on newsworthiness and the extent to which they are aligned to the ethos of the paper.
TJR will also prioritise regular advertisers and will guarantee publication of the advertiser’s articles within the related edition, as specified in the TJR’S advertising packages.